Saturday, September 10, 2011

NEWS// Homeward: Crocodile Water MP3

By now, you should probably have learnt that I'm a big fan of ambient music. Of epic soundscapes rolling over sonic hills. Tracks that craft a land that you can fall into and escape the stress of everyday. Homeward has just dropped another of these wondrous numbers in the form of 'Crocodile Water'. An eight minute masterpiece, birds chirp, water drips and leaves rustle as you push them aside. A tentative melody creeps forward into the unknown, shadows flitting under golden torchlight. A warm glow highlights the early morning dew as you stumble into a clearing. High up above, hidden by clouds, you seem to hear voices. Beautiful voices. Drawing you closer, higher, further. You can hear the gravel crunch under foot, and as you look out from your mountaintop haven, you blink. The vast expanse of cloud forms its own mountain range. The mountains of the gods, revealed by angels. Suddenly, things start to crumble away. You realise that the ethereal voices have led you over the edge. The wind through your hair. The air under your feet. A simple human before, a change occurs. For a little while at least, this mere mortal is flying.