Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEWS// Placeholder: Under MP3

A strange voice narrates both the start and end of 'Under', a surreal track highlighting a future plunged into darkness. The world's energy has been sucked dry, forcing the people to live without warm water, communication or the preservation of food. After a while, the humans have come to adapt. Salt to keep things fresh, fire for warmth and candles for communication. The race doesn't enjoy life like this though. They, in their mindless hunger, ate away at the world and her resources. They dug their own graves and have been forced to lie in them. The sun no longer fills people with joy. Instead, they fear the struggle ahead, wishing they had not been so frivolous in their greed. Animals know this, yet listen. They have been content with the minimum for eras and have thus survived. The human race however, laments. Everything was supposed to be better, right? Well, it isn't.