Friday, September 23, 2011

NEWS// Shaky Snakes: Glowing EP

I was sent this EP a couple of days ago, but it's my birthday and I've been busy relaxing! Thankfully, Shaky Snakes and their latest EP 'Glowing' helped my do just that. These five songs swim through warm dreamy waters, the horizon blurred as you look into the haze that is the setting sun. The vocals are submerged most of the time, weightless under the reverb and surrealistic nature of it all, and a steady beat swells and carries your mind somewhere else. 'Ozone Exciter' opens 'Glowing', its throbbing synths coaxing forth ethereal singing. As the track progresses, we're treated to a joyous adventure into the realm of dance sensibility, a style that shows up throughout the other three numbers. You can stream 'Ozone Exciter' above, which leads into 'Everything is Totally Fine', and then 'Hold onto Yr Rock n Roll'. The latter has some sweet lyricism that I adore, but a standout for me is definitely the next track, 'Orange Crush Blues'. Its awesome sample manages, through the lush, soothing tone, to just amaze. The more rock-infused quality of the finishing number, 'Seventeen', mixed with the outstanding melody and electronic quirks, is an apt ending to a stunning little EP. Available in a pay-what-you-want fashion over on the Bandcamp, I eagerly suggest a download, or at least a listen! That's what I'm doin'!