Friday, September 23, 2011

NEWS// The Great Red Shark (Feat Sam Sally & Gradient Fields): As Soon As It Hits MP3

I posted a track earlier this month, which was recorded by Homeward, entitled 'Crocodile Water'. Recently, I was dropped this over on the SoundCloud, from the same producer, albeit under the pseudonym The Great Red Shark. He has collaborated with Sam Sally for vocals and Gradient Fields for the instrumentation, both of whom I have promised myself to explore further. For now though, I'm happy to just sit back and explore 'As Soon As It Hits'. Samples detail the chilled-out synths, and a steady beat inhabits them. The singing is muffled, as though caught accidentally through the sonic foliage. Lush vibes lap at the sandy shore, and the promise of new discoveries tempt the explorer with their mysterious air. Stream the adventure above, and hear more from The Great Red Shark over here!