Saturday, September 17, 2011

NEWS// Elliot: Thundering Plants (Fancy Mike Remix) MP3

Elliot's original track wasn't bad. It had a nice, subdued melody, hidden under a layer of stuttering beats, before that boring fade-out lead into the next number. What 'Fancy' Mike Kleine has managed to do in working with Elliot, is amplifiy that melody, which was so swamped out before. He has lifted in onto the shoulders of dreamy synths and let it look out from up high. From this vantage point, the sun beats down and all the previous noise is lost to the wind. There is a sense of polish and refinement here that I don't think Elliot quite managed to grasp. While his was textured to the max, Mike's is toned down, and for all my sins, I think I like it all the more for that. As for the fade-out? Gone, and in it's place a closure worthy of the track. Stream it above and hear more from Fancy Mike over here.