Thursday, September 8, 2011

NEWS// Kathleen Edwards: Wapusk (Feat. Bon Iver) MP3

Bon Iver has put out two collaborations so far, including this one, and I've loved both. I read somewhere that Bon Iver has done his house in Wisconsin up as a new studio, so perhaps that's why we've been treated so generously? Anyhow, while we wait for Polaris Prize nominee Kathleen Edwards and her new album, I can settle for this. Slow moving and teary-eyed, Edwards oozes folk honesty, with 'Wapusk' brimming with mellow guitars and lyrics to match. The track builds and speeds up too. From a nervous walk to a stumbling jog to a fully-fledged and spine-tinkling sprint. Like a child waiting for her father to come home, there is something within the folds of this song that grabs at your heartstrings. Stream it above and hear more from the lovely Kathleen Edwards over here!