Thursday, September 8, 2011

NEWS// Rebecca Peake: Breakfast / Skyline Replacements MP3s

You guys know the drill. Rebecca Peake is a musical genius, or at least very, very close. I believe this is the fifth track of hers that I've posted on the blog, but who can blame me? 'Breakfast' is astounding. Even when I'm expecting the best, somehow Peake throws something in that catches me off guards. The ethereal element here takes you someplace else. A stark melody is detailed by gusts of spirits, snatched by the wind, and the almost silent noises of things far in the distance. It seems to me like a journey. From the world of the living, through the dark lament of passing, and then the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Fruit blossoms out of cold ground, and the sun hits you in the chest as you take a sharp breath. Beauty epitomised. Stream the goodness above. Not maybe. Just listen.

It seems I missed this one from yesterday too, though how exactly I don't know. A man is sitting, looking out of his window, hoping. Yearning to see things no one else has see, and longing for the rain of a distant planet to soak the barren wasteland in which he sits. A tiny Muse influence seems to tint the spectrum of sound this track encapsulates. The lyrics hint at an almost paranormal happening, and the spacey, alien glow that grasps 'Skyline Replacements' certainly emulates that. I think I've fallen in love with Rebecca once again.