Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEWS// Andrew Jackson Jihad: Hate, Rain on Me MP3

For those who don't know, Andrew Jackson Jihad is actually a folk punk duo from Arizona, which has been recording this pretty interesting combination for six years now, with two full-lengths under their belt. 'Knife Man' is their third, and drops September 20th is you haven't pre-ordered it. 'Hate, Rain on Me' is the first track to drop from it, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it. The same lyrical bluntness ("I wish I had a bullet big enough to fucking kill the sun / I’m sick of songs about the summer, and I hate everyone") is present here as it was on 'Candy Cigarettes & Cap-Guns', even if the band have moved away from the folk instrumentation and more into the realm of electric guitar. I don't think the progression and growth will effect the quality of the music though. Everything that was there at the beginning is still present, just seen from a different musical angle. Stream the song above.