Thursday, July 4, 2013

SPLIT// WTCHS​ / Thoughts On Air

If this 7" split were a building, it would be a furiously compelling one. The opening track 'Mr. Hands' is a long corridor, angular and twisting and terrifying. Its unsettling dimensions are oppressive, the relentless drums pressing into your back as you face a wall of noise and reverb. You relinquish yourself to the dissonance, and in doing so realise that in amongst the harsh chords and squealing post-punk guitar licks, there lies a pounding, almost primal excitement. WTCHS​ have effortlessly harnessed some untapped ferocity that makes you want to run and scream and laugh. 'Mr. Hands' rejects convention in an outpouring of soul and rebellion and sadness, and it's that cacophony of emotion that is so unbelievably symphonic.

​Thoughts On Air's counterpoint to WTCHS' restless fervour is 'Harness', an equally powerful track. You've escaped 'Mr Hands' claustrophobic fist to find yourself in a space so vast and open you feel lost. Voices emerge from this eerie euphoria, skewed and upsetting as you descend into yourself. The combination of boundless scope and beautiful introspection is something you simply have to hear, though it's the interplay of the two tracks on this 7" that make it so wondrously enticing.

Listen and download the 7" at WTCHS' Bandcamp for free!
Thoughts On Air's Bandcamp page is also worth checking out.