Sunday, July 7, 2013

TRACK// Blinker the Star: Future Fires

Blinker the Star's latest number 'Future Fires' is frontman Jordon Zadorozny's attempt to squeeze all the energy and excitement of a full album into a single three and a half minute track. In terms of achieving such mountainous aspirations, I think the song initially struggles. The opening chords feel somewhat unimaginative, dowsed in a chorus effect and propelled unwillingly forward by a less than riveting drum phrase. Things get a little better with Zadorozny's wonderfully subtle singing and undeniably strong synth-work, but it's the vocal chord progression at the two minute mark which saves 'Future Fires' from burning up. The scope of the track is finally realised, and the numerous layers of synth and vocal and percussion synchronise for a fleeting moment of blissful exhilaration.

Listen and download the track at Blinker the Star's Bandcamp.