Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EP// The Lighthearted: Sugarcoated Poison

The title track from The Lighthearted's debut EP 'Sugarcoated Poison' is a picture of pure pop bliss. Painted on a canvas of rhythm and smoky stage-presence, Louise Rademakers' vocals are subtly slower than pianist Sarah Samuels' terrific playing, lending the whole affair a sultry vintage appeal. Joined by drums and bass, this small ensemble oozes a long-forgotten intimacy. Each of the members sound audibly comfortable, bouncing off one another and radiating a curious warmth.

With the next tracks Rademakers makes her beautifully high voice beautifully obvious. Soaring and yet grounded, they form a surreal bubble around the EP that threatens to burst at any moment. A fleeting transcendence takes hold, willing the songs not the end and making those final moments gloriously satisfying when they arrive. Lyrically the girls are on point, with even the infrequent cliché retaining a strange and heartfelt familiarity. Is this the soundtrack to the summer? I think so.

Listen and download 'Sugarcoated Poison' for free at The Lighthearted's Bandcamp.