Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TRACK// Aperture: #11

This is why I blog about music. For those rare moments when you stumble across something that has fallen fresh from the womb of it's creator, unknown and unassuming. This track's fall wasn't cushioned by a well-penned email, nor pushed into view by well-meaning PR. There is no Twitter account or Facebook page to follow, and the information on the Bandcamp consists entirely of an auspicious lower face and a few genre tags. But does it even matter? The music is played over a backdrop of warm summer rain, water sliding down the wooden cheek of a lonely cello. It's the ambient love-child of classical and electronica, and it's both melancholic and life-affirming in equal measure. What I want to know now is where the ten tracks leading up to '#11' are hiding!

Stream '#11' above and then buy it from Aperture's Bandcamp.