Saturday, July 13, 2013

EP// Lunova Labs: [shhht_20]

Lunova Labs is Kevin Erwin's musical brainchild, and his latest EP is based on trees. It looks fairly strange written down like that, granted, but Erwin manages to pull off the concept with minimalist flair. Airy and sublime, electronic synths and passages of natural percussion dance a slow duet. A muted breeze blows, rolling off silver waves and carrying with it the perfectly sad keys of a distant piano. In one moment the echoes of a voice can be caught, and in others the momentary rustle of a bird's wing. Everything feels beautifully short-lived, like the liberating impermanence of building a grand sandcastle too close to the gently swelling tide. It's ambience as it should be.

Listen and buy the EP from Belgium label Silenced and their Bandcamp.