Monday, July 15, 2013

EP// Bad Kisser: Loss

There is something so evocative and emotional about Bad Kisser's music that I find myself lost for words. The whole thing runs for just under five minutes, but in such a short time San Francisco's Folie Gras manages to relate the idea of loss like no-one else. Each track rises and envelopes and impresses itself upon your soul, before ripping itself from your chest and leaving you lacking. They are beautifully, painfully insubstantial, long drones and clear reverberation the only constants in a constantly shifting landscape. At times the vocals are sacred and solemn and choral, echoing off the walls of a vast and vaulted church. At others they flutter between moss-covered gravestones, the lyrics as timeless and indecipherable as the words etched upon the rock.

Listen and download the EP for free from Bad Kisser's Bandcamp.