Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TRACK// By Toutatis: Rebecca

Something about this track is quietly menacing. Perhaps it's the vocals, deep and seductive as they are. Perhaps it's the velvet piano's organ-like drawl, or perhaps it's the shimmering layer of refined manipulation which hangs over 'Rebecca' like a Victorian smog. Shadowy and ambiguous, every lyric seems calculated and ominous and motivated. Even the bouts of violin-backed sorrow appear planned, their authenticity altered by some curious emotional engineering. It's a strikingly dark number, and one whose antiquated setting captivates from the off. A teaser for By Toutatis' debut LP 'The Songs We Sang to Death', 'Rebecca' has most certainly got my stomach rumbling!

Tiny Lights will drop the album September 2nd, but until then, download 'Rebecca' for free.