Monday, July 1, 2013

Whimsy and Regret

I haven't posted here for about four months. The reasons will inevitably vary, from exams to family life to my unsurpassed laziness. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to start writing again, and Music Dissection is as good an outlet as any for me to do just that. However, I need to think some things over. Verbosity is a major flaw of mine, for example. The desire to be lyrical smothers my words. The pressure to be poetic stifles the flow and turns the letters a queer shade of gunmetal grey, and by God it's frustrating. Reviews take eons to write, and if I'm to make a career out of this (which I sincerely hope to do), that needs to change. Let's just pray I can make something out of this July 1st reboot...

Also, I've changed the look of the blog, so everything looks subtly cleaner, and the page loads marginally faster. Some old posts may look a bit weird, but bear with me!