Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VIDEO// Mirror Lady: For Good / You Left Me

Mirror Lady have been shown a lot of love on Music Dissection, and for very good reason! The Los Angeles band records a brand of New Wave inspired bedroom pop that seems to gleam under a diffused lo-fi light, distorting slightly as dream refracts reality. It's a brilliant thing indeed, and one that easily warrants this double-barreled post. We can thank Indie Ambassador for the first half, a stripped back session recording of an unreleased number 'For Good'. Four and a half minutes of electronic-infused guitar, it's a song that reveals a humble story of love and all its beautiful belmishes. Lost love is a reoccuring theme for an incredible amount of music, but Mirror Lady's unique tone and soft sincerity sticks in your head for the longest, gentle percussion recalling the swelling tide of "Silver Lake"...

The next number was released earlier this month and goes by the name 'You Left Me'. An equally melancholic song, bigger instumentation builds a wall of ever-flowing sound. A few prolonged notes send shivers down your spine, recalling one of my favourite songs from last year, Perfume Genius' 'All Waters'. Threatening to crack but forever standing firm, an unpretentious vulnerability seeps from somewhere deep within the very fabric of the track. Neither the technical ability nor the stunning lyricism let such passion through. It is, I think, the lead singer's ability to convey without effort, the subtlest, and most fragile of emotions.