Thursday, March 1, 2012

MP3// Death Grips: Orange Military (Nasa Remixes)

Death Grips' 'Ex Military' was one of the first albums Music Dissection ever reviewed, their aggressive punk-rock hip hop sound a wondrously experimental one. Almost a year later and here we are, with remixes from Nasa, a producer whose name is a regular one upon our pages. The first track is 'Takyon', a number that retains all of its original abrasive and relentless charm. Apocalpytic drones stand resolute, throbbing and supporting this trio's equally cataclysmic and slightly unhinged vocals. The following song 'Guillotine' features a contribution from ADAM, layered over warped horns and effects and queer, nightmarish theatricality. Suspense builds and lends everything an excellently distorted horror, more so than the original release for sure. I don't know whether Nasa and ADAM's take on the two songs you can stream above surpasses the original, but they come undeniably close! The two tracks and complimentary instrumentals can be downloaded for free here.