Saturday, March 3, 2012

REVIEW// Sisterland: Dirty White EP

Leicester based trio Sisterland dropped their EP 'Dirty White' late last month, a four track effort reminiscent of pre-nineties guitar pop. Fuzzy and lo-fi and inherently alternative, the three members refine the tracks on 'Dirty White' with an impressively experimental edge. A certain nostalgia and subtle rock sensibility emerge from waves of reverb, but the way in which they do so lends the release a pleasant individuality, and one I was a little surprised to find. All too often bands recall rather than reinvent, a flaw that should not be applied to Sisterland. There are elements that verge on the banal, but overall, and as an EP, 'Dirty White' is worthy of your attention, stumbling clear of being merely affectionately mundane!

The first number on side A acts as the title track, Pixies-esque drums carrying a hook that, despite the song's name, seems to be the most demure on the EP. Reviving said Pixies influence they may be, but Sisterland lose any of that potential immediacy. I get the sense that 'Dirty White' was composed and recorded with radio airplay in mind, and after getting that out the way, these three guys could explore and experiment freely. 'Bunny Ears' is an example of such, faster guitar, drum and bass contrasting wondrously with the high notes the lead singer executes so brilliantly. A smattering of shoegaze cements the two melodies together perfectly, resulting in two and a half minutes that catch your attention. Following them is their reprise, Sisterland warping the core sound into an incredibly spacey one. A drum matches your hearts every beat, infrequent verses broken by strange sirens and an entrancing shower of cosmic dust. The successive 'Milk & Honey' is everything you wished the opener has been. Fluctuating effects and heavy instrumentation and light vocals all compliment each other perfectly, making the first track seem worse but the EP as a whole undeniably better. And so, the thirteen minutes that make up 'Dirty White' draw to a close.

Sisterland's single 'Tomorrow' was backed by Mogwai, named as their single of the month last year, and 'Dirty White's determination to attract similar attention is admirable. This trio stray from the path a couple of times, but as the title of the EP suggests, the combination of pop nous and lo-fi passion makes for an intriguing listen. Stream 'Bunny Ears' below to sample Sisterland's delights, then purchase all four songs from Blessing Force over here!


As a bonus here's the pretty psychedelic and DIY music video for 'Bunny Ears'. Sisterland twirl guitars and rock about a bit, which confirms the song's enjoyable, carefree vibe. I am definitely looking forward to the trio's next release, but 'til then I'm satisfied with this video!