Sunday, March 4, 2012

VIDEO// Colours: In The Summer

New track and accompanying video from Tom Crandles now. Back in October we reviewed his eponymous debut EP, the four tracks of which glistened with nostalgia. Layered with a beautifully hazy experimental noise, melodies and thoughts and colours splashed across their fast-moving sonic bodies. 'In The Summer' marks a subtle departure from the sound however, and instead recalls 'Lost At Sea', Crandle's contribution to Hartzine/Beko's 2011 compilation. 'In The Summer remains intoxicated with reverb, a slower sensibility taking a hold on the despondent, post-punk vocals. Guitars and unassuming drums lend the song a sense of almost unnoticeable hope, swirling and floating through Crandle's wistful moot of a lost love. Analogue pops and crackles match the videos kaleidoscopic implosions, an infrequent image of Tom emerging, ethereal, transcendent and beautifully insubstantial.