Thursday, March 15, 2012

MP3// Exlovers: Wicked Game

Chris Issak's video for his 1989 track 'Wicked Game' became instantly famous for its black and white take on suggestive sexuality. His immeasurable adoration for this one woman is heartbreaking, because she doesn't love him back. The thin veneer between love and lust vibrates beneath Issak's soaring high notes, those deep blue eyes luring him to play their wicked game. London quintet Exlovers have dropped a cover of Chris Issak's classic as a prelude to their debut, released in May. Surrounded by that same nostalgic surrealism as the original, the vocals sing in a higher, but no less potent key. Instrumentally perfect from the off, if you weren't excited for Exlover's forthcoming album already, you should be after hearing 'Wicked Game'! Captivated? Grab a download and watch the original below!