Sunday, March 25, 2012

MP3// Otto Rollo: Chattanooga Sugarbabe

Experimental ambient sounds are always intriguing, so the little Chicago project that is Otto Rollo struck an immediately engaging chord. Originally by Johnny Cash, 'Chattanooga Sugarbabe' has been slowed down to a melancholic simmer, lyrically downhearted and yet moving with a soothing, contented calm. A subtle harmony is sandwiched between echo and absent-minded hum. Keep from falling into a dreamy sleep and you'll notice the percussion and effects here are striking, but integrated so brilliantly into the music you fall effortlessly into their groove. Drawing to an end, a Jaws-like throb and fading vocals usher in an ominous and interesting finale, singing turning into talking and happiness to despair. The cocaine mentioned in 'Chattanooga Sugarbabe' ultimately twists Otto Rollo, his sound warping and falling into a soundscape that is at once both joyous and quietly and quite beautifully, rather sad. Listen to more here!