Thursday, February 23, 2012

MP3// Cheerleader: Do What You Want

Where I am cold is not an oddity. After the winter blues and the siege of woollen garments that we've had to endure over the past month or so, todays sun and heat offered pleasant respite from the chill. And what better soundtrack to such delight than the ever-delightful duo Cheerleader. Donovan Rex and Max Friday's latest number 'Do What You Want' is an escapade of child-like proportions, whistles and handclaps remeniscent of a childhood on the shoulders of life, the hero of every adventure and the vanquisher of all and every evil! Looking back with a grin, these two guys have crafted a tune as memorable as any, subtle undertones throbbing with their trademark nostalgic longing. Perfectly executed and, with undeniable ease, perfectly uplifting! Stream 'Do What You Want', and let out that sigh!