Tuesday, February 28, 2012

REVIEW// Warm Weather: Looking Through EP

Last year we were treated to the brilliant EP 'Dances', a five track debut from Los Angeles and its resident pop trio Warm Weather. Fast forward half a year and here we are with the band's sophomore release 'Looking Through', and you can be sure of a full review rather than the undeservedly short paragraph we dealt its predecessor! The EP is composed of four heart-warming songs, layered with Beach Boys harmonies and easy comparisons to both Grizzly Bear and the infallible Paul Simon. Folk instrumentation and certain pop nous prevail, dipped in a unique sugary eccentricity and undeniably restrained rock passion! A surprising amount of variety emerges, without ever busying the final product more than is necessary. Dynamically, there is a subtle progression from 'Dances', and Warm Weather most definitely wear it well. My desire for a full-length album has, after this, just rocketed!

The EP opens with the relatively short 'All My Life', the vocals fluctuating between low and high in a manner not theatrical, but reminiscent of that same musical musing. Backed by a set of beautiful harmonies and the plucking of a humble guitar, the lyricism is stunning in its sweetness, an aesthetic helped by shimmering percussion and a reverberated veneer! A climactic finish leads into 'Stay', the fastest number on 'Looking Through'. Indeed, it is from these three minutes the title of the EP was plucked. Guitars and drums support with almost Mediterranean zest the soothing vocals, the catchy refrain a stand-out feature. An incredibly thick musical interlude harks back to The Who, classic rock lent a folk sensibility rushing into your ears. 'Bull Run' follows, fast arrangements contrasting the slower singing perfectly. An penultimate gem, the harmonies truly come into their own and a completely unnecessary but completely wonderful finish marks the beginning of the end. 'A Promise' succeeds 'Bull Run' and pushes the boat out regarding individuality and those trademark layered vocals. It's final six seconds of nostalgic piano is a little odd, but something about its nonconforming, soft rebellion is both refreshing and immediately intriguing!

Available for whatever price you're willing to pay, 'Looking Through's mere eleven minutes are enough to sustain a lifetime love. Genre and influence-blending, Warm Weather are a band that execute such experimentation with the utmost sincerity and grace, which is one of many reasons why they are worth your attention! Stream 'All My Life' down below, then get a copy of both 'Looking Through' and 'Dances' from Warm Weathers Bandcamp here!