Thursday, February 23, 2012

MP3// Anne-Marie Sanderson: Endless Eyes

Cumbria's Anne-Marie Sanderson just has one of those voices. Her acoustic guitar pop is soothing, folk sensibilities seeping into the song's very fabric to form a track so beautifully unassuming and humble and uncomplicated you cannot find fault. Her vocals are perfect, intertwining with every unblemished guitar pluck and provoking with every surreal lyric and every dreamy thought a sense of complete satisfaction. Backed by the ethereal notes of a shy female voice most likely her own, Sanderson sings with unparalleled ability. Every one of the words here is relayed with meaning, flowing into the next and often prolonged in an innately mesmerising fashion. Slight, shudder-inducing changes in pitch recall voices like Norah Jones or Laura Veirs, though perhaps stronger. There are no breathy whispers on this track. Instead we're given a vocalist who is truly, undeniably comforting. The build that leads into the conclusion is executed without batting an eyelash and it's this that highlights what I love about Anne-Marie. It is without doubt, her effortless ability to make me feel. Go and stream 'Endless Eyes' above, then grab a free copy at Sanderson's Bandcamp page!