Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Classics: Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun

I thought I'd heighten the usual weekly classics header, just so I can fit more stuff into it. On reflection, partly in favour of my love for art, as well as music, I have decided to use an image with the dimensions of the one above in every news post. The reviews will keep the usual template, but from now on both the news and weekly classics will have a cool photo, the creator of which will be linked, of course. You may be wondering, why such a radical change to the blog? Well, in Music Dissection's ongoing strive for perfection, I came to the conclusion that the merging of sight and sound would make for a much greater and rewarding experience for you, the readers and listeners. In terms of this week's weekly classic, we've got one of my favourite ever tracks from Soundgarden. Coincidentally, Chris Cornell's work with Soundgarden delivered his best vocals, in my honest opinion. Listen below. EDIT: Also, due to the growing number of labels, they've got a page to themselves!