Monday, August 15, 2011

NEWS// Bauer: Change Forever MP3

     Eyes back down here if you would, after admiring my excellent photoshop skills! I was emailed this track earlier today, and it immediately caught my eye. Bauer. I vaguely remembered the name, and after reading the bio I realised I had loved their popular song 'Starting Again'. That was a long while ago, but it seems they're making a comeback, with a new album, 'Sleeping Giants'. 'Change Forever' is the first single from said record, and will drop September 5th via the band's website. You can have a listen to it below, but it will be available for free, which just goes to reflect the group's unfortunate decline. And it really is unfortunate. Having loved a recent record by the Mutineers, I was both surprised and excited to learn that Micheal Reed is part of the Bauer line-up. In terms of the song, the Mancunian outfit have moved away from warm pop to embrace a track swelling with discontent. The opening creeps and hides, and when the more upbeat sounds come in, there is that fantastic thrill of heartache and explosive passion. The vocals sound maturer and wiser than when I heard them last, and a certain charm comes from that. Based on this song, I'm already looking forward to hearing that forthcoming album, 'Sleeping Giants', which I think I'm going to love. Stream the track below and prepare to download!