Monday, August 29, 2011

NEWS// Billion $ Quartet: Soon Be Over (feat. Are You ME?) MP3

This is a prime example of why using images above posts is a wonderful idea. This new track from Billion $ Quartet, entitled 'Soon Be Over' didn't have any art to go along with it, giving me the chance to share the amazing image you see above. Click on the image to see where I re-blogged it from. The track itself contains some surreal underwater vocals that swim over subdued beats and hazy synths. Finger snaps detail the R&B vibe and the lyrics ultimately lead into an unnerving futuristic finish, flashing lens flares and polished shines blinding as you approach. 'Soon Be Over' is pretty awesome, so head over here to check out the rest of Billion $ Quartet's awesome stuff. But stream the track above first!