Friday, August 26, 2011

NEWS// Daniel Klag: Weird Fiction LP

Some pretty fantastic ambient electronic from Daniel Klag right here, perfect for stormy weather. He actually sent me the album a few days ago, but I've been keeping it to myself, savouring its sounds. Every track on 'Weird Fiction' tells a story. A journey to some far off planet on the opening song, to some heart-pumping espionage mission on the last. Everything in between makes perfect sense, as Klag takes your mind to corners of the imagination you never knew existed. A vast chasm, dripping with water that seeps from a hidden lake. The climbing of a mountain to discover the meaning of strength and a view to take your breath away. The mortality of man and the realisation of hope. These concepts are explored in a manner both intriguing and ultimately eye-opening, if you'd just take the time to listen. After this record, I hope to stay in contact with Daniel and in turn offer his wondrous creations up to you This is a reflection of life that appears more true than that which it reflects. It's epic in scope, yet modest in its execution. Frankly? Genius.