Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEWS// Jape: The Oldest Mind MP3

This new track from Irish band Jape dropped three weeks ago, but like a good wine, it has retained its taste. I know wine gets better with age, but seeing as that doesn't work, just roll with it. The song itself, 'The Oldest Mind', is the softest shoegaze you're going to hear for a long time. Like a slow moving glacier (see what I did there), this track is carried from below by a throbbing bass line, detailed in floaty vocals and flickering synths. The song moves through tunnels of incomprehensible reverb into caverns of vast echoing melody. It works incredibly well in what it does, and even when muffled under a layer of lo-fi nostalgia, the passion comes through. A very rewarding track, listen through it at the top.