Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEWS// Sims: Wildlife EP

A solid and intriguing concept here from Sims and his latest EP 'Wildlife', which you can download for free over in his Bandcamp tent. If you had no idea Sims was a rapper, the cover (a cute-ish bunny) and the title may well mislead you. Even the first track, 'The Lighthouse', which you can stream above, doesn't hint at this EP's sound at the very start. This is some hip hop music, but instead of cars and city streets, the whole thing is based around, like the name suggests, 'Wildlife'. While some songs let nature take a back seat to other ideas, that was the element I wanted to listen to the most. From the tinkling beginning of 'Mad House' to the female vocals on 'The Line', something about this EP clicks for me. It might just be my favourite hip hop EP I've heard for a while. Check it out.