Monday, May 2, 2011

UPCOMING// Washed Out's Debut Album

Looking forward to the new Washed Out lp, which will wash in on July 12th via Sub Pop records. After the 2009 EP, Life of Leisure, I've been eagerly awaiting a listen to Ernest Greene’s full length venture.
The track that has been released from 'Within and Without' is named 'Eyes be Closed', which doesn't really explore anything that we haven't seen before. Still, while not devastatingly bad, I do hope that Greene is going to throw a few new things into the mix on this album. The album cover is something else though, isn't it! From the uncaring atmposphere to the girl's eye peeking from under her arm, there is a sense of adventure, discovery and daring. If the record itself encompasses these ideas in a shoegaze-y, synth pop manner, as is Greene's style, then life will be dandy. I'll definitely be reviewing this album on release, so look out for that!