Monday, May 30, 2011

RIP: Gil Scott-Heron

April 1st 1949 – May 27th 2011
     On Friday afternoon we all lost a legend. Gil Scott-Heron passed away in New York Hospital aged 62. Born in Chicago, he was raised with an awareness and love for music by his mother Bobbie and grandmother Lillie. He used to listen to the radio in an attempt to memorise melodies in order to play them by ear, so great was his affinity for sound and music. Songwriter, novelist and poet, Gil had released three albums, written two novels and published a book of poems by the young age of twenty three.
     He was a master of the spoken word, fighting out against racism, poverty and social injustice throughout his life, as well as inspiring many to join the cause. One of his most famous poems, 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised', was written at nineteen, and spoke of the need to get up and make the change, rather than waiting for the change to be projected through your television set. His acts and his music marked the path for many artists after him. His words will never be forgotten, even by the likes of myself, who have only recently discovered this amazing gentleman. Gil Scott-Heron. A legend lost.
"The revolution will not be televised, The revolution will be live"