Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Mind: Fed Up With Myself

     If you'll care to remember back about a month, you'll notice I reviewed My Mind's 7" record 'Path Masher'. The main criticism I had with the music was the length of the songs, with hardly any of the eleven tracks breaking the one minute mark. I have since been approached by the group and pointed in the direction of this new record. My Mind are still content with stamping on the foot of convention though, don't you worry! Still around the ten minute mark, the band have moved from lots, to a single nine minute track.  
       I don't usually review single tracks, but seeing as this one is as long as their previous album I'm going to let it slide! I definitely prefer the feel of this record compared to their earlier release. The group has managed to retain the same amount of fun and variety in the sound, while there being only one song means the album flows a lot better, which is much easier to listen to and therefore enjoy. The whole production of the track sounds better as well. There is less reverb and more variety in the dynamics, lending themselves to a slightly cleaner impression than the quick and lazy response I got from 'Path Masher'.
     The track, carrying the same name as the album, starts with some electric squeals that immediately draw in the fast drum beat and vocals. The voice itself is one of eager excitement, changing from quick to slow dynamics in a passionate disregard for continuity that I really like about these nine minutes. In this respect the album could still be considered a mess of sounds and feelings, but I would relate it to a painting. Many colours are used, but they merge and tie together to form something perhaps not revolutionary, but definitely pleasant to lend one's ear to.
     Although there is a lot to love here, I never feel as though these guys go all out. There is a sense of, what else could this band produce, rather than a complete satisfaction with the sound they're making at the moment. I definitely prefer this record over their last album, and in that respect they have improved a great deal. I can't help but think though, that if the group had churned out even two more tracks of equal length, then I would have happily settled down and listened to it over and over again. I suppose I'm stuck, as my previous complaint was of tracks being too short, whereas now I want more songs bundled into the record. Don't get me wrong though, I want more tracks because the sound and feel of the music is fantastic! If you like independent rock, then I urge you to check this album out. It is short, but the variety and atmosphere layered into those minutes is nothing short of inspiring.