Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Apologies, and a Change

     Sorry for the abscence of a review today, but I promise I'll get one up tomorrow. In the meantime, the new Zombi album, 'Escape Volocity', is out today, which I really need to get my hands on and review! The reason for there not being a review is unfortunately, school. My GCSEs are coming up, and in that respect it was probably a silly idea to try and start a daily blog in the weeks leading up to my exams. Therefore, I would like to take down the 'daily' status, and simply update as often as I can. I'm sorry if this element being removed turns anyone away, as I'm sure it will, but I really do need to lessen the pressure to focus on revision. After my exams though, I'm pretty sure I'll update everyday anyway.
     Hey, at least I'm not just leaving you hanging without an explanation! Keep listening to your music, and enjoying it, and there'll be a new review before you've even noticed there wasn't one today.