Monday, May 9, 2011

Mors Ontologica: Don't Cry

     Mors Ontologica are self-titled garbage rockers with some great examples of the genre available as online downloads from their Free Music Archive page. Don't Cry is one of six albums available, two of them being live recordings. The band hail from Columbus, Ohio, with this album being one of their shortest, weighing in at only half an hour. A compromise though, was definitely not an option for these guys. 
     The feel from this band is one of simple, straight forward rock. On a few songs there are retro, chiptune vibes, such as 'Demon Inc', and this adds great variety in sound that the album is only strengthened by. The lyrics and melodies though, are very much of a mainstream nature, and in that respect this album isn't really anything special.
     For an indie rock group however, the vocals aren't half bad. They are aggressive, to match the nature of the lyrics and theme of the album, but they also manage to retain a certain tune and underlying melody, that makes it very easy to enjoy and rock along to. The lyrics, I found, were also very well-written and indeed, well sang. There are catchy melodies and hooks in every one of the songs on this album, from the 'incubator' on Demon Inc to the 'lasarus' on the track of the same name. After all the complicated and experimental stuff I've been listening to lately, I must say it is a relief to finally hear some music I can jump around the room to, plain and simple.
     Some of the tracks are paddling in the lo-fi stream, which I didn't mind, and which actually made me realise another attribute this album held, and held rather well. The variety within these eight tracks is brilliant, from the upbeat (Demon Inc) to the slower tracks (Blood and Mirrors). I was constantly enjoying this record, never fast-forwarded or got bored, and got quite excited. By the end though, I realised that there was nothing really original on this record, bar the start of Disorder, that I hadn't heard before. I suppose the majority of these tracks are perhaps too simple and straightforward to stick for me, bearing in mind that my brain is constantly pumped full of music. There is nothing on this record that hasn't been done better, I'm afraid.
     If you want some straightforward rock though, that doesn't break boundaries, or your ear-drums, but still manages to make you get up and rock along, check this out, as well as the rest of Mors Ontologica's discography, which can be downloaded for free at the link above. A strange record for me, I liked it, but probably won't remember it next week. Good while it lasted, there isn't anything here I haven't heard before.
     EDIT: The download from FMA doesn't seem to contain the first track. It's not the best on the album, but this might miff a few people off. I thought I'd better just let you know.