Friday, June 15, 2012

PREMIERE// Frid: Serving Time feat. Ellsie

First off, this is the first video Music Dissection has had the honour to premiere, and it accompanies an absolutely fantastic number. Taken from Frid's EP of the same name, which dropped back in November, 'Serving Time' features Ellsie and hits with an impressive emotional punch. Filmed almost entirely in grayscale, the odd bit of colour emphasises the retrospective nature of the lyricism. A brilliantly low and despairing piano melody is layered over a harrowing, claustrophobic throb, the beat perfectly balancing the composition. Frid's thought process evolves with the track, tears and suits and monotony leading to angry revelation. At his lyrical best, we see a real man with real problems come close to breaking point. Ellsie's contribution is incorporated perfectly into the video, her blonde hair a surreal highlight amongst the shadows, her soft singing offsetting Frid's verses with captivating charm. An outstanding song and a magnificent film accompaniment, we look forward to more of both from Wenlock Music and Wenlock TV! Stream the video above, find the whole EP here and then read my interview with Frid himself over here!