Saturday, June 30, 2012

MP3// Indian Wells: Wimbledon 1980

Topical music is a rarity here at Music Dissection, but with Wimbledon well underway it seems only right that we reminisce on what many consider to be the greatest tennis match of all time. The Borg-McEnroe tie-break in the fourth game of the 1980 final lasted twenty minutes and saw thirty-four points played. To offer comparison, a typical game often results in no more than ten contested points. It was a match that remains to this day one of the most famous in tennis history, and Indian Wells does it every justice. With commentator recording layered over every tangible hit of the ball and every fierce grunt of exertion, it's an incredible track that immortalises the match in sound. Snippets of cheers swell with the tension and the sheer will-power of Björn Borg and John McEnroe. Hear it above and find more at the SoundCloud here!