Sunday, June 24, 2012

MP3// Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute

Back in 2006 Brooklyn quartet Grizzly Bear dropped 'Yellow House', a naturally experimental record that danced complex and ambitious steps across the band's debut. Surreal and slow and emotional, Grizzly Bear threw plenty of sounds together. The unnerving folk sensibilities of Comus were sprinkled over an impressive symphony of acoustics and lush production. Dead Can Dance-esque gloom fleeted through the ten tracks, tying them together with threads of soft-rock sincerity. Three years later and 'Veckatimest' spread a layer of accessible (but far less complex) veneer across their sound, resulting in an album that lacked any replayability, for me at least. 'Sleeping Ute' is the latest single from Grizzly Bear, heralding the release of the band's fourth album on September 18th. Thankfully there's much to love. The combination of electric and acoustic sounds works well, bubbly synths playing off classic guitar lines and drums of a thundery persuasion. Daniel Rossen's lead singing holds a captivating bluesy tone, his guitar-plucked outro calming the track to an uneasy simmer. It's a belter of a song, rediscovering the complexities that I loved from 'Yellow House'! Stream it up above and then pre-order Grizzly Bear's new album from iTunes.