Friday, June 15, 2012

ALBUM// Lunova Labs: [shhht_13]

[Shhht_13] is four tracks, produced by the prolific Lunova Labs and published under interesting Belgium project Silenced, which has been aiding underground electronic artists for more than half a decade. The thirteenth net-release from the collective, [shhht_13] is a fascinating and experimental listen, inspired by transcendentalism, a philosophical movement devoted to intellectual independence and the merits of both man and nature. Lunova Labs matches synthesisers and vocal samples with field recordings and stunning ambient vistas, pairing man and nature and giving substance to the conceptual. 'paradise (to be) regained' is pure sampled bliss, the swell of the sea and distant trains vibrating across a gravelly shore. Seagulls cry and a mysterious voice ushers in water drips and ethereal echoes. Woodland is the following story's setting, sparse piano notes playing gleefully with nymphs and birds alike. Minimalism is key to these songs really working, on both an aesthetic and emotional level. On 'night & moonlight', a track that starts relatively abrasive, we see industrial repetition give way to a haunting classical piano. A beautiful sample on the final number relays some complex theorem, but again we descend into almost mesmerising and subtly despondent synth-work. [shhht_13] is simply brilliant. Described as 'future garage', I can only hope the concept catches on! Grab it for free over here and then visit Silenced here!