Friday, April 13, 2012

VIDEO// Spakkiano: Beringia

Back at the start of the year I chanced upon a refreshingly charming little track from producer Spakkiano, a rather elusive artist from Bologna. The song's film accompaniment was as quirky and emotionally wry as the track itself, drawing you in like some old-fashioned silent comedy. Three months later and I find, to my delight, 'Beringia' lying in my inbox, another perfectly nostalgic three minutes! The percussion and synth-work bounce and play and roll off each other wondrously, a certain amused intelligence prevailing beneath an intimate summer abstraction. It is an extraordinarily feeling to feel, a sense heightened by a sudden and unexpected finish. Like a stalled tape or interrupted record, the crashing fall to reality is just as fantastic as the soothing instrumental climb to the top. Hear and watch Spakkiano's 'Beringia' above!