Friday, April 6, 2012

VIDEO// Death Rattle: Do As You Please

'Do As You Please' is the second single to fall from Chris and Helen Hamilton's golden touch, following their stunning November debut 'The Dig'. Their intrepid, experimental stance on electronic pop has been maintained, Helen's vocals lathered in that same reverb and those same foreboding synths. In contrast to 'The Dig', 'Do As You Please' is decidedly less abrasive, the singing softening the hard edges of their hand-clap infused percussion. A key element to Death Rattles' sound, these hard-hitting beats are of an intrinsic importance, carrying both power and potency like the thundercloud throbs so cleverly emulated throughout the track! The video is fantastic too, Chris and Helen sporting outfits in keeping with those of Fever Ray! Stream 'Do As You Please', then look out for the song when it drops on the 7th of next month.