Monday, April 2, 2012

MP3// Rob Johnson: The Wasp And The Flame

Fantastic single here from Rob Johnson to kick off April! Taken from his second album 'Throw The Sun Into The Sea', which drops later this month, 'The Wasp And The Flame' takes elements from all over the sonic spectrum. Acoustic and electric guitars deliver classic-sounding rock, refined by an oriental-styled electronic nous. Detailing a multi-layered composition, these experimental twangs are reminiscent of a wild western film, empowering and honourable and striding along with a swagger-like groove! Half-way through and you hit it. That moment of perfection. 'The Wasp And The Flame' powers onwards, broken only by interludes of balanced quiet. Ending as it began, Johnson strips the amalgamated sound back to its barest form, plucked notes and gentle strums diffusing into silence. The album drops on the 16th, so for now hear and enjoy 'The Wasp And The Flame' below and visit Rob Johnson's website over here!