Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Classics: The Animals: House of the Rising Sun

     'House of the Rising Sun' is a song most famously covered by The Animals in 1964, but has been around much longer. According to The Animals keyboardist Alan Price, this track was originally a sixteenth century folk number, but in general it's author is unknown. It's been recorded by a surprisingly large number of people though, from Bob Dylan in 1961 through Nina Simone in '62 to Dolly Parton in '81. Sinead O'Connor even recorded a cover, as well as Muse, in their own dark manner. The Animals version is often credited as the best however, and was indeed the first real 'folk-rock' hit. And it really is. Scope the Youtube link below to listen through this revolutionary classic. You just don't get songs like this any more. Absolutely fantastic. If you've never heard this, then you're missing out.