Friday, July 22, 2011

Discussion: Slipknot

     First off, I'd better make this clear. This is my opinion, and people are going to disagree with it. That's not a 'might' disagree with it, people will. This was sparked by an argument on the Facebook page, after I decided to put my foot down and not review Slipknot. Why? Well, I hope some of my points against the band can be highlighted here.
     Firstly, I don't dislike metal music at all. It's true that I prefer heavy metal over death metal, but I appreciate both genre as I do many others. I can't understand why so many people enjoy Slipknot though, when there are much better alternatives. Secondly, I don't dislike the singer Corey Taylor, and in looking into Stone Sour, I have to admit his voice holds a certain quality. That quality however, is not put to the best of use within this band.
     Their appearance is an off-putting factor, let's be honest. Look at the photo above and tell me that these grown men aren't mentally disturbed in one way or another. I think that sure, they might want to make an impression, but the line between being offensive to religion and being powerful has been well and truly crossed by that crown of thorns. I want any fan of Slipknot to come and tell me why that particular creation is at all necessary and in any way respectful to other people's beliefs. Their image, or more their masks, say to me that these guys want to be a gimmick. They want to be marketable and sell albums rather than record good music, and this is an element to their thought process that doesn't appeal to me. Many great metal bands have created a legacy for themselves without the need to dress up and sell themselves as a marketable scheme. I don't get it.
     If I went to see Slipknot perform live, you know what I'd be called? A maggot. Personally, and this really is personal, I don't want to be called a maggot. I get it. Slipknot fans survive off the music like maggots, but this for me seems very degrading, even if it is meant as an aggressive crowd-pleaser. That in itself says, "we're better than you", and I simply can't relate to that. I don't know about other people, but another argument against them for me, is the number of band members. If they need nine members in order to sound as they do, I have no trouble saying many individual members lack in skill. That being said, Joey Jordison is an excellent drummer, and like Taylor, is wasted in this group.
     Lyrically, no one can say that Slipknot's lyricism retains deeper meanings and thought-provoking content. Here's a thought to ponder. Read the line: "‘I wanna slit your throat and f**k the wound." This has allegedly provoked murder on two occasions, both of which involves numerous stabbings and even, as the line read, a throat slitting. On another occasion a teenager dressed like Joey injured three people and cut the throat of another. Even the names of the albums suggest dark and violent themes. Take their early release, 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat'. Rape and murder are both acts hinted at within this record.
     You know what, I think I finally get it. Sure, some kids might be disturbed already, but I'm pretty certain Slipknot's 'work' acted as a catalyst for their violent reaction towards others. The band members wear masks. Because they want to make an impression? No. They want to hide from the public view, so when things do happen, they know they won't be recognised. I personally won't be listening to Slipknot, and would appreciate it if such an album request was avoided. I'm sorry about sounding peeved, but the subject matter does anger me greatly I'm afraid. Please feel free to comment and tell me why I'm wrong.