Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Classics: Bob Dylan: Hurricane

     This is Weekly Classics #2, with a relatively unknown Bob Dylan song, Hurricane. This is an interesting song that not many people know, despite it being one of his most successful 70's hits, and even being present on of of his many greatest hits compilations. It is one of his few protest songs, which campaigned against the imprisonment of boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. It has a fantastic groove, and even those who aren't fans of Dylan's voice will be able to appreciate the harmonica and violin sections to the brilliantly upbeat track. There's a story behind this song as well, accumulating alleged acts of racism towards Carter, lending themselves to a furiously passionate and lyrical journey that I'm afraid to say, you're just going to have to listen through! Check it out through the Youtube video below. An absolute classic, look out for the third installment next Sunday!