Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Mixtape from the blog!

     I wanted to try something different here, so I thought to make a mixtape. The selection of tracks are composed from free albums that I've enjoyed over the past month, and weigh in at eighteen. Now for the apologetic part. I'm afraid I've never done this before, so when you open the zip file, you'll find eighteen tracks and an alternative album cover. Apart from that, the songs won't be in the right order, and when you import them into iTunes the tracks will probably separate into a few different albums. All of this, is my fault. I'll post a track listing so you can manually put the tracks in the right order, but other than that, I think you'll enjoy it! Coming it at an hour long, the songs are:
1. 'The Lusty Summertime' by The Agrarians
2. 'Creepin' Crazy Time' by Big Blood
3. 'She-Wander(er)' by Big Blood
4. 'Playing Games' by CatNip Tea
5. 'Greater Vultures' by Coma Cinema
6. 'Caroline, Please Kill Me' by Coma Cinema
7. 'Blue Suicide' by Coma Cinema
8. 'Plumy Tale' by Dumbo Gets Mad
9. 'L'Uomo Senza Nome (Joey Burns Intro)' by Meanwhileprojectltd
10. 'Demon Inc' by Mors Ontologica
11. 'Street Fighter 5' by My Mind
12. 'Come On' by Shearer
13. 'Pirate Anthem' by Shearer
14. 'Drunk' by Stray Dogg
15. 'Devil with the Devil' by The Underscore Orkestra
16. 'Balancing Act, Chosen Kale Mazel Tov' by The Underscore Orkestra
17. 'Soft Illusion' by Teleidofusion
18. 'Eye' by Stray Dogg
In order to download, follow the link and wait for the countdown to end.