Friday, June 3, 2011

Meanwhileproject.Ltd: The Joey Burns EP

     Dear dissectors. Please don't shrug this EP off as another couple of free tracks available as such because of their unimportance. Instead, take quarter of an hour out of your evening, stick some headphones on and race across the wide west on your dashing stallion. What began as a one man project in 2008, founded by German, M. Adam, Meanwhileproject.Ltd has collected together a variety of musicians and singers for this latest release. Leading up to 'The Judas Hole', a lp expected to drop later this year, 'The Joey Burns' is a five track soundtrack, in their own words, to a film that was never made. Some great indie pop astride a gallant rock horse, this EP hits home.
     The first track starts with a brilliant sampled voice that warns the listener of an impeding fate should their friends stay out in the damp. This arising trepidation builds and reveals itself through the drums, plucking guitar and very cowboy sounding atmosphere, which is one that effortlessly merges with the second track. 'That Day Joey Burns Offered Me A Job' is the only track that's going to be on the lp, and is one that starts with some fantastic guitar. The singing isn't half bad either. Instead of the crackly, lo fi quality I was expecting, I was met with some in tune vocals that ooze summery content. The lyrics feel well written, with some brilliant melodies and catchy hooks. Love it!
     The third track sounds decidedly more electronic than the previous two, but still manages to retain a wild west attitude underneath the synthesisers. The atmosphere though, even within the fifteen minutes the EP comes to, adds contrast that doesn't feel needed as such, but is welcome all the same. The penultimate track is the one that steers the most away from the mainstream, for me. The song starts off with tinkling bells that introduce some Spanish talking and strange vocal grunts and singing that seem to match the whistling barren desert scene the music is trying to induce. Thoroughly enjoyable!
     The last track emulates the same sort of feel as the first track, bringing the EP to a settled conclusion. The electrified vocals from the third song are back, but are hardly understandable over the guitar and drums. A second vocal comes in, which is less so, and repeats some lyrics a bit too much through the second half of the track. A classic fade out into nothingness marks the end of the EP, a fascinating journey through the wild west, endearing till the end. Like Meanwhileproject.Ltd's own description of the five tracks, they sound as though  they were made for a movie that never was. Absolutely fantastic, and an absolute must. Download for free at their Free Music Archive page.