Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teleidofusion: Around Past

     As I was picking the next album to review, I decided to change it up and review something a bit different to the punk rock stuff I've been doing lately. Teleidofusion are a Moscow outfit consisting of I think, four guys. The band works by taking chiptune 8-bit sounds and merging them with instruments and synthesisers to create quite an unusual sound, or at least one I haven't heard before. This is available to download for free from their page at FMA.
     There is hardly any singing in this album, so if you don't like pure sound, then step away now. This is progressive chiptune music at it's very best. Supporting the 8-bit blips, bleeps and synthesisers, there are a couple of instruments  used that I can distinguish. There are prominent guitar, piano and drum sections to the songs, and great saxophone and bass contributions as well. These all merge into a calming and easy listening festival of vintage sound that I love.
      Each song has a distinctive beat, though the album as a whole feels together. The chiptune beeps keep this rhythm during the ten tracks, from soothing diminuendos to individual, striking notes. Some tracks are filled with quiet jazz piano sounds, others with classic blues guitars. These sounds on their own would have been good, but the added chiptune beeps give that album something more. Sometimes these blips are kept at a minimum, as a retro undertone, but sometimes they are at the forefront of the music, creating something truly beautiful and refreshing.
     The variety in this album is also excellent, and a joy to listen through. From the afore-mentioned blues and jazz tones to the solemn synthesiser-filled soundscapes and rock-like guitar, this has something for everyone. The only thing that bothered me was that the vocal, which really wasn't bad at all, was only in the album for half a song during track seven. Though I do like the atmospheric feel to the rest of the album, I would have preferred either more vocals or none at all. After hearing the voice for the first time, I kept waiting for more, which never came along. With this came an air of slight dissatisfaction, which I can't help but feel could have been stemmed.
     Overall this is a wonderful album. If you enjoy music in general, I'm sure that you'll enjoy this. A refreshing blend of old and new that merges perfectly to create something satisfyingly soothing. And, after all this praise, the album is free! There really is no excuse for trying out Teleidofusion's brilliant record! Oh, and I hope you're enjoying the new look of the Blog!