Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Introduction.

     I love music. Though that should probably be expected of somebody who is planning to review it! I listen to music almost everywhere; while working, playing, sleeping, and just thoroughly enjoy it. I have around two hundred albums at the moment, and as that collection grows I feel I should begin to keep a more thorough record of what I like and dislike. I am a great fan of experimental and indie music, and I wouldn't say I detest, but rather, don't enjoy mainstream pop or rapping. I suppose originality is an important factor for me, but obviously everything has it's influences, so that element in music is pretty difficult to come by if you only look at the chart topping tunes!
     Another thing I'd like to mention is my love for the 'album'. And as such, track or single reviews probably won't crop up much, or at all for that matter. I just feel that, if you want to listen to an artist, the only way to truly do that, and appreciate them, is to listen to their album in it's entirety! I mean, when albums where solely recorded to vinyl, there was no way to skip tracks. Albums were, and should still be, listened to as a whole.
     Rant aside, I do hope that this blog is fun to read, gives an insight into what music I listen to, and  can hopefully get you to listen to it as well!